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Discovery of Paris Tours (8 Hours)

    A fee of 500€ is charged for 1 – 4 people and 600€ would be paid by between 5 – 8 people. An additional 160€ would be charged for any round trips that you embark on if the tour starts from Disneyland and CDG Airport.

    The primary intention and goal of the Discovery of Paris Tour which we at Disney24Cab provide is to showcase all of the most renowned and spectacular historical sites and monuments of the city of Paris. This would assist you to make concrete plans for the next couple of days and get your marks set on the sites to visit. From your hotel, one of our well-trained and licensed drivers would arrive with an air-conditioned and comfortable mini-van to pick you up for the tour. 

    In order for you to get a better appreciation of the beauty of the city of Paris you would be given a brief introduction to the architecture of Paris. Once this is done the Opera Garnier which is the inspiration to ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ is where your journey would start. It is situated at Paris’s geographical center.

    Following next would be a drive to a jewel of architecture from the 17th century known as the Place Vendome. Next would be a visit to the former Cardinal’s Palace known as the Palais Royal. Afterwards an outside visit would be made to the Louvre before you would be taken to the Ile de la Cite along the River Seine. Thereafter, you would be taken past the former seat of Royal power which is at the Conciergerie. A visit to the Cathedral Notre-Dame would be where you would have your first stop.

    From the Notre-Dame you would be taken to the Ile St. Louis and the Town of Hall known as the Hotel de Ville before an arrival is made at the Marais district. This is one of the most interesting areas of Paris. The Jewish community, rich noble families, and the King all used here as their residence from the 14th Century. 

    At this point you would pause for a walking tour that is small during which you would be taken by your guide to the first Royal Square in Paris known as Place des Vosges to visit Hotel de Sully, the Square and so on, as well as the rue des Frances Bourgeois.

    Once the Marais district discovery is over, you would be accompanied on a crossing of the River Seine as your journey continues to Old Paris on the Left Bank, the Scholastic Paris with the Student Quarters known as Latin Quarter, the University known as the Sorbonne, and the resting place of France’s greatest men known as the Pantheon. 

    Following thereafter would be a tour and visit to the most spectacular park in Paris which has the Statue of Liberty and is known as the Luxembourg Garden. From here would be the Gurch St. Sulpice, followed by a tour of the home of many jazz musicians, writers, and painters since the roaring twenties which are known as the Saint Germain. It is here that you would visit a bistro or typical French restaurant to have some lunch. However, note that the cost of this lunch is not configured into your fare for this tour. you can be rest assured that the best place or bistro that would meet your expectations here in the Saint Germain would be chosen for you by your guide.

    Your ride would continue along the French Institute as soon as you are done with this culinary break. An outside visit here would be a tour of the Orsay museum and then a visit to the largest square in Europe where the French Revolution took the lives of the Queen and King known as the Concorde Square. The most famous avenue in the world known as the Champs Elysees would come next, followed by Napoleon’s Triumph Arc known as the Arc de Triomphe, the Invalides, and the Grand Palais. 

    Before driving to the village of artists like Van Gogh, Gauguin, Toulouse Lautrec, Braque, Picasso, Renoir, and more which is known as Montmartre, you would make a stop for photos at the Eiffel Tower. Thereafter, you would proceed to the famous Place du Tertre which is the highest place in Paris that has a view that is incredible. To discover its unique scenery your guide would take you for a walking tour that is small around the eternal white Sacre Coeur basilica and the shops and cafes there before you would be driven to your hotel.

    Your appetite for one of the most fascinating cities in the world would be woken up by your tour with us at Disney24Cab.

    Please note that your lunch has not been included in the fees you would pay for this tour with Disney24Cab. Also, for any drop offs and pickups outside of Paris there would be extra charges.  

    We also advise our clients at Disney24Cab that if any of them would desire to have visits on a private basis to monuments such as the Opera Garneir, the Arc De Triomphe, Invalides, Conciergerie, and Saint Chappelle we should be informed before-hand. This is because on a regular tour you would not have sufficient time to cover all of the above-mentioned monuments. By letting us know before-hand we would be able to fit them into your schedule for you.